Kevin’s Trading Book

Calculated Risk Book

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What you will learn 
in this book:

How to open a Trading Account 
Which platform should you choose?
What are Stocks?
Basic Stocks Terminology
How to do Equity Research
Introduction to Stock Sectors
Introduction to Dividends and why Companies pay out Dividends
The difference between Trading and Investing
Who are institutional Traders?
What is HFT?
How to find your trading style
What is Technical analysis?
What is Fundamental Analysis?
How to choose stocks to trade
Identifying Liquidity & Volatility
What is Options Trading?
Options Trading in Depth 
Choosing the best Options Contracts 
Identifying Extrinsic, Intrinsic, and Time Value
Identifying Delta, Theta, Vega, and Gamma
Learning about Debit Spreads
Technical Analysis in Depth 
Using Moving Averages
Identifying Volume to confirm Trends
Price Action Analysis
Chart Patterns (Flags, Pennants, etc and how to trade them)
Identifying Entry / Exit points 
Identifying Candlesticks and what each one means
Charting Strategies 
Identifying Supply and Demand 
Identifying which Time Frames are best to trade on
In Depth Scalping strategies 
In Depth Day - Trading strategies 
In Depth Swing - Trading strategies 
Market Psychology


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