Calculated Risk V.2 (Advanced Strategies)

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If you enjoyed the first book, then you will love this one. 
This book is dedicated to in depth Price Action analysis. 
By the end of this book you will understand price action and how you can use it to your advantage while daytrading / scalping / or swing trading. 

This book is a continuation to the first book so I suggest getting this only if you already have Calculated Risk 1.

This book will compliment nicely to the first book and when you combine the knowledge from both books, you should have a trading edge like never before.

In this book, you will find new strategies and new indicators that you can implement to your trading arsenal. 

What you will learn:

Understanding Price Action (Advanced)

Understanding Breakouts (Advanced)

Understanding Impulse moves 

Understanding Transitional moves 

Understanding levels on different time frames 

Understanding the “Top Seed” strategy 

Understanding the “Runner” strategy 

Understanding Psychological Barriers 

How to identify a probable trade 

New Indicators to add to your Trading Arsenal

This product will be available December 9th.

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